Article, Part One “Take Care and Take Charge”

Article by Norma, a grateful Bowen Therapy client of eight years.

In nursing no one warns you that the profession could do indisputable damage to the entire body. As human beings we feel invincible and we can do anything like Superman. We take for granted and ignore the fact about this damage is slowly being done as the years go by doing the job 12 to 16 hours daily.

In part one of this series entitled "Take Care and Take Charge", we asked a veteran home care nurse of 28 years to tell us about her experiences as a patient and her health care experiences.

Interviewer: When you were first injured, what did the doctors do?

Norma: In the 1980s you were required to do heavy body lifting by yourself. Add the short staffing issues that happen quite frequently in nursing home settings and that spelled trouble for many injuries. The final touch was getting beat up by an Alzheimer's resident and having to finish 8 hours shift. I went to the emergency room and followed up with my family doctor. The health care system treated this issue by following the basic medical book procedures. I had three days off and then the doctors cleared me to go back to work lifting.

Interviewer: Did you agree with the doctors and the course of action taken for the injuries sustained?

Norma: At the time the injuries did not fade away and I followed the doctors orders. I never thought about the doctors misdiagnoses and that the treatments they ordered could be causing more harm than good. The basic medical books and protocols stated follow these courses of action for certain issues and I was told to "continue lifting, it cannot hurt you but strengthen you instead."

Interviewer: As time went on, did you find a doctor(s) who was willing to 'step out of the box'?

Norma: I had to change doctors to get some answers and assistance. My new home care jobs had me doing repetitive lifting of dead body weight of my young clients that had immobility issues. These issues were affecting every aspect of my body subtly and my structural restrictions from overuse were progressing to cause painful problems. I started using various Alternative Therapies to balance out the issues presenting themselves in my activities of daily living and the doctors also continued to order the newer medical procedures which I followed. There were several misdiagnoses from original injuries picked up but the damage to the musculoskeletal system was more pronounced by this time. Most routine medical textbooks procedures were causing more harm than good. The veil of damage blanketed me constantly and I was collapsing daily. I was having 40+migraines a month and could not feel the upper half of my extremities. My legs were giving out and I was falling too frequently; I felt every ache and pain 24/7 in spite of medications.


Interviewer: How did your doctors respond since you continued to worsen?

Norma: All but one doctor had reached a harsh verdict of 'we cannot do anything for you have to learn to live this way'. My body had become what I call "hell in a shell" and very limited options left. I did not accept this life sentence and decided to "take care and take charge". I became my own patient advocate.

Interviewer: How did you find someone specializing in Complimentary modalities?

Norma: Word of mouth from a few of my old physical therapists led me to try several other Complimentary moralities. This was done in addition to my doctors orders, regular treatments and encouragement to find the answers to the life sentence I was given by the previous medical professionals.

Interviewer: How did these sessions go?

Norma: As a medical professional, I thought I should know all the answers. Boy was I so wrong!

I was introduced to Bowen Therapy and Larry A. Dickey, LMT. What I had to face head on was reality.

1. The body will heal itself in time. Remember, if you injury yourself repeatedly and only partly heal the body will fight to keep itself functioning until it can do nothing.

2. Sustainability is key for the WHOLE BODY to heal and this may take a lot of time depending on when you were originally injured.

3. The body will shut down to protect itself; that is what my body did.

4. In my case we have discovered: Receptors sensed the severe changes that had been happening in my body over a long period of common denominators: physical and structural dysfunction, constant pain from inflammation pressure in all of my body's fascia has wrapped around muscles and nerves along spinal cord. There is an ongoing issue with Dural tube drag; it occasionally pinches off the cerebral spinal fluid flow so all function is lost until the stress is released from nerves, muscles, organs, joints and bones.

5. I had to be willing to allow my body to reprogram itself to correct alignment. I still have issues with rejections from my profession, the total devastation of unemployment, depression, anxiety, chronic migraines and recently PTSD.

Interviewer: How do your therapists feel about the latest outcome? How does your doctors feel about your current health status?

Norma: First, my doctors are happy I am able to sustain activities of daily living better than I did eight years ago. They continue to encourage and advocate using Complimentary modalities like Bowen Therapy. I have certain permanent restrictions and guidelines I must follow daily in order to maintain my overall wellbeing. There was permanent damage done that cannot be undone; I am finally learning to live with that fact through the grace of God.


Second, everyone responds differently to Bowen Therapy. Larry has been persistently researching everything he can learn and applying different Bowen Therapy as well as several other Complimentary modalities to help me 'sustain and maintain'. I do maintenance sessions and my body is finally maintaining itself longer after eight long years of endless trials and disappointments along the way. Never give up hope to feel better. Do not let the insurance companies dictate your wellbeing --- "Take Care and Take Charge!"

NOTE: Most clients respond quickly in 1-3 sessions and others 3-5 sessions and doing monthly maintenance sessions.

Norma (NJLB)

Sept. 23, 2015

***PLEASE ask questions. My main goals for writing these upcoming articles are to educate the consumer and make the therapists of Complimentary modalities more aware of how to be more effective in educating their clients and health care professionals. Thank you.

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