Patient Testimonials


"After a car accident I was sore and in pain. My family doctor referred me to Larry for treatment 1-2 times per week for 3 weeks. The first visit I felt better, by the 4th visit I was pain free! Go see Larry if you are hurting." - Jill, N.Canton


"I have been an athlete all of my life. I played football in high school and college and am now an avid golfer. I've had many injuries from football including ankle, knee, shoulder and hip injuries. Golf seems to bring out all the aches and pains but I love it too much to quit. A friend and golf buddy referred me to Larry about 6 years ago because I got to the point that I couldn`t even swing my club. I got a weekly deep massage and stretch. That would keep me pain free and able to golf several times a week. A few months back Larry asked me to try the Bowen Method. He said they had done studies on golfers showing how it helped their focus and prevented injuries. So I tried it...WOW...Was I relaxed! But more importantly I was relaxed on the golf course, I could focus and I played pain free. Just think what that did to my golf score. I still get a weekly massage and once a month I get a Bowen treatment. It is great...give it a try." - Tom M., Jackson Twp.

"I am a full time Realtor and I am constantly on the go.   I must walk through houses from basement to attic and I spend hours in my car.  Over the last few years, as  I get a little older, the injuries of my youth are starting to pile up as a constant source of various aches and pains.

When I met Larry Dickey a few months ago, we talked about the Bowen Technique and I was so tired of the pain that  I made an appointment with Larry to give it a try.  After my first session, I was amazed at how good I felt.   I was able to go up and down stairs without holding onto the walls and I was able to let go of the constant worry that I was going to fall or hurt myself.   I go to my Bowen sessions regularly, and this has made me feel better each time because my body flexibility has improved and my pain has decreased.  I have tried many different ways to get out of pain and stay out of pain over the years and this is the first one that actually worked.   

I will be forever grateful to Larry for helping me feel better and I will tell every person I meet to try the Bowen Technique.
" - Sherry Lovgren, Realtor


"I am self employed, always on the go, and sometimes get stressed or don't take the time to drink enough water and follow good nutritional habits.  As a result, I was sometimes ill and one day, had low blood pressure and was rushed to emergency only to find doctors could find nothing wrong with me.  I went to Larry and he balanced my body and I have felt great ever since. I am going to continue to visit monthly, sure beats over prescribed meds with high costs and side effects!  Larry also has an incredible wealth of knowledge.  The term Massotherapy is not enough to describe what he does.  If you have health concerns, please talk to Larry, he has the knowledge and honesty that if his techniques would not benefit you, he will refer you to other high quality health professionals in the area who can help." - Alison

"I just wanted to comment on my session with Larry Dickey at PMI last week in North Canton, Ohio.  I worked very hard in the yard over the weekend, and as a result, my arm, hands, and fingers were in terrible pain. My fingers were numb, and I could hardly move them, or my arm.  After my session with Larry, my hands were in great condition. I had no pain in my fingers  or arm.  And, the numbness was completely gone.  It was like a miracle had taken place and I was healed.  I just kept saying as I was leaving that “ I was amazed my pain was completely gone in one treatment.” I was in awe!

I have had the pleasure of going to see Larry for the past few years, and I have always been amazed at how wonderful I feel after each appointment. I have really been pleased with how my body has responded to the Bowen Therapy sessions.  I would recommend anyone, and everyone, no matter what your situation is to make an appointment today.  You will be in awe, too!
- Marie
"I was rear ended in an auto accident while at a stop sign several years ago. That was the beginning of a nightmare of pain and frustration. It started with headaches that never went away. The pain then intensified to my neck, jaw, face, shoulders, arms and hands. I was in devastating pain unable to focus on anything. I saw my family doctor, a neurologist, an oral surgeon, 2 pain management specialists, a chiropractor, 4 physical therapists and a massotherapist with no relief. Two and a half years later I was referred to Larry and was told he does very well with patients that no one else has been able to help. Larry suggested Bowen Therapy, which I had never heard of, but to my amazement I felt relief 2 days after the first session. Two years later I feel better than I could have imagined, I feel like I have my life back ! Now I work in a chiropractic office, have taken the Bowen course through Larry and am getting licensed as a massage therapist. I highly encourage people to give Larry a try if you have tried it all with no long term relief. Better yet, before you try everything else, it will save you time, money and frustrations." - Trish R.  Perry Twp.

 "The first time I received a treatment from Larry I was expecting a nice massage, but I mentioned to him that I had been having constant pain in my lower right side, my back and in my abdomen. Larry suggested he could help but it wouldn`t be through massage but instead he would unwind my core of adhesions and restrictions in my viscera and other organs. Well let me tell you how gentle and profound the session was! It was very relaxing and felt as though my body was shifting, moving and restictions were releasing. The next morning I passed 5 gallstones and have felt great ever since. My pain and discomfort has never returned. The next session he introduced me to Bowen Therapy, it was wonderful. I have been pigeon toed since birth, but he did a move on my pelvis and my feet have been straight ever since. God has blessed Larry and he has blessed many people." - Leslie C


"My name is Dr. Don Bartlette, full time public speaker, preacher and travel ministry founder for the past 30 years. I have lived in North Canton all of those years. I am Native American and 69 years old, but they tell me I look much younger! I have been receiving massage therapy for 35 years, all over North America. However, in 2008, I was having severe knee problems, lower back pain, and loss of energy. Then I met Larry Dickey, a massage therapist right here in North Canton.

In the past year, I have been able to overcome the above-named difficulties with the therapeutic assistance of Mr. Dickey. i no longer have knee problems, my lower back pain has been decreased, and amazingly my energy levels are high again! Of all the massage professionals I have experienced in my lifetime, Larry Dickey has become the one to see to resolve pain issues that have been debilitating. At one point, in 2008, I came to an appointment and was hardly able to make it, physically, due to severe knee problems. I had to have assistance to his office. At this point, I suffer none of that pain and have totally free movement of both knees!

I highly recommend Mr. Dickey if you are seeking exemplary massage therapy, he is one of a kind!"
- Dr. Don Bartlette
"I have had Cerebral Palsy since birth, it has effected the right side of my body. As a result I would fall often due to imbalances and my arm and shoulder would lock-up along with other issues. Larry has improve my balance and coordination 100% and my general health is much better. Falls very seldon ever happens any more. Larry uses a combination of techinques: deep tissue, cranial sacral, stretching, unwinding and bowen therapy. I recommend Larry to family and friends. I've truly been blessed." - Karen Slagle, Canton
Larry and I had worked together since 1998 I would have to say he is the best around. My patients love him and he gets the out of pain and gives them relief in the shortest amount of time. His approach is unique and effective and his massage are deep and relaxing. If you have stress,an injury or a physical issue believe me Larry can help you. - Dr. Paul Dubas , Director of Chiropractic at Physcian Diagnostic & Rehab Center, Boardman