Fascial Release Therapy


The fascia of the body is the tough connective tissue which holds the body together. It keeps our internal organs from falling out, our lungs and heart from exploding, our intestines from falling into our pelvis, and it envelopes each and every structure of our body. The tiniest nerve has its own facial sheath as does the largest bone. It is what connects everything to everything else, it is known as the glue that holds us together.

With trauma from an injury or an accident, emotional or mental trauma and/or poor posture, fascia will start to contract, twist and stick together like Saran wrap sticks together. This can cause pain as the twisted fascia impinges on nerves, muscles or organs in the body. The good news is fascia can be released through gentle to vigorous techniques to reshape or unwind it thereby relieving pain and allowing the body's own healing mechanisms to work.

Some conditions cranial sacral therapy and facial release may help to improve would include allergies, arthritis, brain and spinal cord injuries, chronic back pain, chronic pain syndrome, dyslexia, depression, digestive problems, fibromyalgia syndrome, headache, high or low blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, menopausal problems, neuralgia, migraine, post-operative adhesions, sinusitis, TMJ dysfunction, and vertigo.

Larry Dickey, LMT, CNMT, CBT has been practicing Cranio-Sacral and Facial Release since 1999 with outstanding results. He does accept doctor referrals.


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